Frequently Asked Questions

For inquiries contact the customer care center number +96265002099
For technical support email

What is the duration of the PCR test required to be brought from the country of departure?

The PCR test should be done within maximum 72 hours prior to departure.

If I received one or two doses of the vaccine and I am going to travel by air, do I have to register on the gateway2jordan platform?

The traveler must register on the platform even if they obtain a certificate of vaccination, and the system will show travel requirements based on the information provided during registration.

What do I do if I did not register all the escorts?

In the event that registration for all escorts is not completed and registration is closed, please wait until the next registration.

What are the ages that are subject to the PCR examination upon arrival? Does it apply to children?

Any traveler of the age of 5 and above is subject to the PCR test upon arrival

In order to be able to return to our country after visiting Jordan, is it required that we do another PCR test in a lab? If yes, how can we contact authorized labs?

It depends on the policies and procedures of each country/region. There is a lab in the departure building in the airport, you can also find a list of authorized labs in Amman by clicking on this link

Is it mandatory to wear a face mask and gloves through the duration of my visit?

Wearing a mask and gloves is mandatory in public places such as malls and public gathering places, according to the protocols and recommendations of the Ministry of Health listed here:

Have the tourist and historical sites been sterilized in preparation for receiving visitors?

Yes, all tourist sites and public areas are sterilized periodically.

During my visit to Jordan, if I experience symptoms similar to those of COVID-19, who should I report to?

Call the Ministry of Health hotline number 111.

What do I do if I did not receive my QR code?

To get the QR code, click here

What do I do if I chose the wrong border?

You must submit a new application and choose the correct passageway

What do I do if I want to add escorts to my application?

You must submit a new application for them.

What do I do if I made a mistake by entering a wrong name, passport number, or nationality when applying on the Land Platform?

For one-time information modification requests, click here

When does the registration of the platform open?

When new travel dates become available.

How do I inquire about my reference number?

You can inquire about it by clicking here.

Do I have to register for children under the age of five?

No, you don't have to

What are the documents required to enter through Jaber border?

The most important document required is the approval from the Ministry of Internal Affairs, in addition to:

  • -For Jordanian's husbands or wives: a copy of the marriage contract.
  • -For students: a copy of the student's ID.
  • -For investors: a copy of the investor's ID.
  • -For expatriates: a copy of the residence ID.

Can the arrival date be changed?

The arrival date cannot be changed under any circumstances, and any untimed code will not be accepted. If you are unable to travel on the same day, please request a refund by clicking here.

How can I request refunds (money refund) if I am not traveling?

You can request refunds by clicking here.

When can I get refunded after requesting it from the link?

The amount will be in your account within 45 days of the date of the refund request.

What should I do if I registered on the platform and did not receive an SMS with the confirmation code?

Please try again with another mobile number.

What do I do if I lost my QR code?

You can get it by clicking here, adding your reference number and then clicking on extract the QR code.

How do I inquire about my reference number?

You can inquire about it by clicking here.